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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Almost Possible

A few weeks ago, I was cast into the chorus of a production of Beauty and the Beast. I was really excited about the opportunity because I'm a big fan of Alan Menken's music. I was disappointed to not get a bigger part, but I understood on a rational level that I wasn't good enough for any more than chorus.

The play has since been canceled, which was both a relief and a disappointment. A relief, because I had started to get scared by the responsibility of being there. Hearing the news was like a weight taken off my shoulders.

But on the other hand, it had just started to get fun. It was just like old times, in the chorus with Uri Aharon at Dvir. Once again I had my small group of peers I sat with, this time including Moshe! Once again I was working with a very nice singing director- in this case Moshe's sister Aviella. Once again I acted like a know-it-all, correcting the director at every perceived mistake, to overcompensate for not actually being very good. Once again I was going to my beloved Jerusalem on a regular basis. Once again I was making a fool of myself regularly. Yep, just like old times.

Oh well.

A while back, I went to meet a group of videogame creators in Tel Aviv.
That's it, you're done.
What? But I haven't-
You're done. Stop writing.



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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two Glasses

An Evil Statement
Tension causes progress. If the world were to one day become completely happy and show no signs of ever stopping, it would be at a dead end. That would be the appropriate time for God to destroy the world completely.
♫ Some Day Myself Will Come… ♫
But none of these fantasies possessed my imagination like the dream of my future self coming back to get me. So strong and constant was this wish that I didn't think of it as a fiction, so much as a destiny. I would never speak of this with anyone, but deep down I knew that at any one of those banal, pointless days, he would come for me.
Ariel's house was imperfect. He had built it himself, and -having only built the one- was far from all-knowing on the subject of construction. And so the house needed constant maintenance to keep from slowly collapsing.

Nonetheless, Ariel was quite proud of his achievement. There was a mirror on one wall, reflecting the entirety of the house's interior. And when he gazed into this mirror, he saw exactly how he fit in with his achievement. He was a part of the house, and that thought gave him comfort. So he spent much of his days staring into the mirror.

On the ceiling above that was a skylight built into the roof, built to keep the house bright. Looking upward did not give a sense of comfort. By day the sun would hurt his eyes, and by night the countless stars made Ariel feel small and insignificant. And whenever he raised his head to look through it, he also perceived cracks in the walls, severe enough to take the entire house down! So he would work tirelessly to fix the cracks before it was too late.

Once, an entire week went by in which Ariel peered only through the mirror, and never the skylight. It was a happy week. That is, until a piece of the house fell on Ariel's head! He survived the blow, and quickly set to work. It was almost too late, but he managed (with much difficulty) to preserve the house. It was then that Ariel realized his folly, and he smashed the mirror into a thousand pieces.

So caught up in the emotion of the moment was he, that he forgot to send the mirror outside before doing so. And so the floor was covered in shards. To this day it hurts Ariel to walk in his own house, but the house still stands.



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