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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Progress report:
Pages 3 and 4 complete.



how is the smiley thing coming along? is it working well?

No more progress to report yet.


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


At long last, I have a Nintendo Wii.

This new system, unlike the Gamecube, has no clear personality. If it is defined at all, it is defined by contradictions and disagreements.

It is wonderful to have an avatar in my own image to play with.

The controls are ridiculously sophisticated. But each game uses only the bare minimum of sophistication it needs. The result? The games are so intuitive both my parents (who I have never managed to get to play games before!) were instantly able to beat me at bowling.

Wii Sports is awesome. Especially its tennis game. It should have more depth. But it is already fun in the sense that NES games might be fun.

The interface does not prioritize game-playing.

I didn't want Wii Play, a collection of random mini-games. It is missing many important features, such as four-player multiplayer and extra ways of playing. It is surprisingly fun.

Super Mario Galaxy is not quite as accessible as I hoped. It is a classic.

Wii games are not better than Gamecube games.

Metroid has been turned into a FPS. It is a pretty good FPS.

I still can play Gamecube games, and in fact I frequently am. There is not a sharp division in my mind between Wii games and Gamecube games. The Wii opens up possibilities. It does not decide between them.

There are many old games I'd like to play on the Wii now. I look forward to being able to buy them directly from the internet.

The motion-sensing controls give me a million ideas. I don't expect any of them to be created. I don't know what sorts of games will be created anymore.

Even the bad games are fun when they are gimmicky.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is much better in its Gamecube version.

Miriam and Dena still won't play. Maybe they're just busy. Maybe I should give up.

There seem to be a lot of games for Wii (out already or coming soon) which I'd enjoy playing. Maybe I'm more open to casual games than I used to be.

There isn't enough focus for me. I like stories with focus. I don't know what the Wii is.

This is fun.



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