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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

~Meanwhile, in the future...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Meanwhile, in the future...

It looks like there are just a few more changes to this page after this; I guess that's because of the move. You should start preparing the time-space coordinates for the next hack.
Okay, but you know it could take a while to find the next server. It's not a preset set of coordinates like Blogger.
I know - that's why I'm saying you should start the search now. Lots of years and locations to search through. By the time we reach the last update on "", it'll have found the second place and we'll be ready to hack in.
I'll get started.
You know, I'm surprised to hear you want to keep going.

Look, it's like you said. It's got to start moving eventually, right? And we've come this far already, it seems like a shame to quit now. I'm not saying we need to read all the way through to Broken Duet, but we can't come this far and not at least see the beginning of part 3. Part 2 was a bust, but who knows. Maybe we'll see right from the first post of part 3 that he's stopped acting pompous and crazy and has actually been getting things done.
I don't see why not.
He's saying he has plans for part 3, right?
This has to be the point where he changes.
It just.. I just don't understand why it's taking this long. We've been sitting here reading this for four months, and still we haven't gotten to anything resembling the professional-gamist Mordechai Buckman. Can the destiny of gamism really depend on such a lazy boy? And yet somehow it did. That boggles the mind, you know? And the more I think about it the more I think you must have been right, and really this is all going somewhere more interesting than it seems.

Maybe, I don't know, this is sort of crazy, but maybe this isn't actually a totally non-fictional blog.
What do you mean, of course it's non-fictional.
Well, yes, but maybe also no, you know what I mean?
I have no idea what you mean, but it sounds interesting.
Well, look.
You understand, this is just a crazy theory.
But what if this is actually a fictionalized account of his life? You know Buckman, he was a creative guy. He created entire worlds. Maybe this is the test run. Maybe "Mory" isn't "Mordechai", you see what I mean?
But Mory is Mordechai.
Mory is short for Mordechai.
Yes, yes, of course. But it's like... it's like what he did with "Ariel", it's really him, and it's his name, but it's a fiction loosely based on what he's going through. So maybe the end of part 2 is where the illusion of the blog all falls down, and it turns out that the character's life is... I don't know, it's like an echo of the real thing!
You think? Huh. I never even considered that.
But then, why wouldn't he just make a blog about his real life?
Because the other blogs of the time were so focused inwards that they never got to any real truths. Maybe he's saying that only by constructing a false reality, like the realities of his games or the realities we live in now or the reality of this fictional "Mory", can he get to the real truths of his existence.
Hence, all the artifice.
That might just be the most amazing idea I've ever heard.
And it's the only thing that makes sense, isn't it? I mean, right from the beginning this blog didn't make any sense. Every time it seemed like it was getting somewhere, it would suddenly take a sharp turn to the middle of nowhere.
That can't be right...
Oh, keep talking, what you're saying is really interesting. It's just, there's something weird about how this hack is set up.
What do you mean?
Don't worry about it, I'm sure it's nothing.
What were you saying?
Right. So if it's not a fictional character, then why is this blog considered such a great work of literature? You know, I really didn't understand that.
We could always pop into one of the bigger Buckman-appreciation worlds and ask.
No, that's not a good idea. Look, I'm not going to spend four months of my life on something just to have its big moment of revelation spoiled.
It's not like reading this is all we've been doing...
Fine, yes, we've been playing other games in the meantime, but even so. Do you know how much pressure my whole family's putting on me to join them in Entella? "We didn't get through the Revolution just so you could hide in the past." That's what my cousin is always saying to me. So I'm giving up all that because I've decided that I'd like to pursue my self-actualization in more intellectual ways. This blog is supposed to be fine literature, and you know how much I love Buckman out of all the early gamists, so I'm not going to have someone ruin this experience. Whatever the journey turns out to be, I'm going to get through it with the patience it deserves.
Um, maybe this isn't the best time...
With a post-revolution kind of patience! And that patience extends to the beginning of part 3, and not a post longer. Okay, fine, I'm a hypocrite. I admit it. It'll take a more modern man than I to go up to five months without getting any satisfaction. Ha!
Um, yeah, look, about that.
I'm not entirely sure how to say this.

Oh. Yeah.
I guess I'll just have to say it.
I may have made a... a tiny mistake.
Um, four months ago.
What are you talking about?
No, you know, I'm not absolutely sure.
I only checked twice, maybe I misread it.
Just a second.
Just tell me what you're talking about.
Just a second, I'm going to check something.


Yeah, okay.

I seem to have made a slight mistake.
Would you please just tell me what you're talking about?
Well, you know, this version of the program is, uh, it, it, it readjusts itself sometimes without telling you so much. So I, I accidentally um I accidentally inputted our own coordinates a bit wrong.


Yeah, um.
So it was searching a bit wrong, and since Blogger is preset into the system it just compensated and kept going.

You had better not be saying that we've been hacking into the wrong timeline.
It's the wrong timeline.
Are you kidding me?!
Hey, look, we're talking about a server which has been gone for centuries, there are lots of calculations, can I be helped if I got a digit wrong?
The computer does the calculations! All you had to do was enter a few numbers and you got a digit wrong?!
It was an accident please don't hate me.
For four months we've been following the updates of a Buckman in some random timeline which may or may not end with him amounting to anything, I think I'd be perfectly justified in hating you! I don't, by the way.
Thank you.
But seriously!
We were supposed to be getting great art and instead we're exposed to this dreck of the Old Internet!
How can you get a digit wrong?
Yeah, I'm sorry. Really. I've lost four months too, you know!
Should we jump ahead and at least see what the end of this moron's story is?
What for? He's not the gamist.
Yeah. Just shut it down.



hahaha what the hell, very surreal. :D

When are you moving to the new server, and where's it gonna be?

I've already moved, in a manner of speaking. The site is available at (capital M) in its entirety, unlike Blogger which doesn't let me put all the posts together. At the bottom of every post page on Blogger, there's a link to see it (in the context of the other posts) on the new site. As soon as I finish writing this response I'm going to copy-and-paste these two comments over; it ought to take just fifteen minutes or so.

For now you can keep following on Blogger. The real change is after I finish my big post, which I'm afraid will take a while. I think I've spent around forty hours working on it already, and I'm not finished with the preliminary design stage yet. That's not an exaggeration, by the way. These posts I'm in now are ideas which (as far as I'm concerned) have been set in stone for over a year. As such, I'm not going to get back into my usual blogging rhythm until after I complete the big one. But when I do in a few months, that's when the change in URL is going to really be official. There will be a new RSS feed and I'm going to stop posting to Blogger entirely. I'll get back into a more typical blogging pace, and I'll be messing around with the look of the posts more. (The posts which I've already written will stay looking exactly the same, though.)

I'm glad you enjoyed this post. It's tying up a loose thread from six earlier posts going back four and a half years (since "The Fundamental Interconnectedness of All Things"), so I took my time with it and tried to get it just right. (If you haven't read the earlier posts, this one will give you an idea of where this is coming from. That's also the first post of what I call "part 2".

I hope you'll keep reading when I move; I know I'm asking a lot, but I promise it's only going to get crazier!


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