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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Perfect Color

The Perfect Color
A strategy game by Mordechai Buckman
with graphics by Kyler Kelly

Comment on what you think of it, because I'm genuinely curious.
What do you think the message of the game is?
Do you agree with what I'm saying?

Disclaimer: This game may be very difficult for the colorblind.



Mory, I just played through this and I think this is friggin' phenomenal! It was a delightfully inventive little thing to play and the ending really resonated.

I was fooling around a bit initially until people started 'messing up' my creation and turning it towards grey. Then I tried creating a triangle with the three primary colours, and I was hoping to make the rest of the colour scale from there. Hopefully that way I could have appeased everybody, though dividing them spatially into 'factions'.

I don't know what the intended message was - I think this lends itself to a multiplicity of readings and I don't necessarily believe in crystallising these into any given one (including the author's). That would probably mean making the colour of the interpretation 'grey' rather than letting it be my own! :D

However I did get a sense that it took a strong stand against homogenization - aka best to express yourself individually regardless of pleasing others, because otherwise you'll add nothing of your own to the mix.

Anyway, great work! A serious thumbs up on my side.


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