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Friday, September 11, 2009


You know you're wrong about the whole gender thing.
Oh, how's that.
You seem bored.
Just tired.
Girls are a lot more intelligent than boys.
Sure you are.
Ow! What was that for?
For not accepting me as an equal.
Well, you're not an equal, you're imaginary. But I guess I'll take what I can get.
Ow. Okay. That one I deserved. Sort of.
If I had an evil archnemesis, he'd be exactly like you.
I can live with that.

You know I actually really like you.
Do I know that? I don't think I know that.
You know that.
Okay, maybe I know that. But it's just because you invented me to be your perfect girlfriend.
Perfect? Okay, I wouldn't go that far. But you're like me, that's the point.
I'm nothing like you. I'm much more intelligent, by virtue of being a girl.
Silly me.
I have thoughts that go so far over
You know why I need to be around people like you?
People like me?
No, why?
Because people who aren't like me just frustrate me.
You know the forum I go to, the Adventure Gamers forum?
Yes you do. Anyway, they have community playthroughs there all the time, and I haven't joined them in a while but I thought that it might be nice to join the next one that they're doing even though I don't know anything about the game. So the person who
What about your game?
The game with the elephant. Why aren't you working on that?
I am. I'm working on it every day. Would you let me continue the story?
Because it seems like with all the working on your game, you shouldn't be bored enough to join one of these "playthroughs" or whatever.
I'm working on my game, but I still have time.

So anyway, the lady who ran the last playthrough I participated in, that one was around a year ago, she was acting really angry at me, like I'd offended her personally by saying my opinion back then. By the way, I always thought this person was a guy. But I just checked in her profile today, and I saw that it's actually a lady. From the Netherlands. So now I've got to correct all these pronouns in my head. Anyway, so she was acting like I'd personally
You are so oblivious.
About people's gender, or about what I'd said a year ago.
See, you have no idea! This is what I'm talking about. Oblivious!
Well, it seems like you could be talking about either thing, so you can't really expect
Oh, I'm just teasing. Go on with your fascinating story.
So the last playthrough was of a game called The Last Express, and everyone said that it was an amazing game but when we were actually playing I saw that the game didn't really work. And I said so, and I backed up everything I was saying with arguments. But then the end of the game was so unbelievably stupid -it was this sort of thing where the whole game was grounded and about ordinary people in the real world and that's what was interesting about it? And then at the end all the realism is just thrown out the window and it turns into a fairy tale.
That does sound really dumb.
I remember all this because when this lady accused me -she said I was "foaming at the mouth"
I bet you really were.
I was not.
Okay, maybe I was but I had a good reason.
I'm curious.
See, the others were trying to say how it's okay that it's suddenly a fairy tale because there's lots of historical symbolism, where the fantasy is actually the beginning of the World War and stuff like that.
Sounds like they were stretching.
No, no, they actually had a good case. I do think that's what the game's writer intended. But I was saying that it doesn't matter what the symbolism is, it's still out of character. So the way I said that was I wrote "To conclude my point:" and then I said some gibberish, and then I pointed out that even though the gibberish had symbolism in my argument, being a metaphor for the ending of the game, it still had no place in what I was saying because that's not the kind of discussion we were having. It was a serious discussion, so gibberish doesn't fit no matter how good the symbolism is. And that's what I was saying about the ending: the symbolism was all fine, but it was still totally out of character for the game. So that gibberish is what she was referring to when she said I was "foaming at the mouth".
So when she acted like I should be kept away from this next playthrough because I ruin it for everyone, that really got to me. Because you know me, she could have been right.
Yep, you really are annoying.
So I reread that whole thread from a year ago, and I made mistakes in how I said what I said but I really don't regret any of the content of what I said. And that's really what she was angry at me about, that I was disrespectful and thought too highly of my own opinions and stuff like that. I tried to talk to her in private, in a rational manner, but she'd already announced that she was going to stick me on her "Ignore" list so that she wouldn't have to hear me anymore.
That would never happen to me. Everyone who meets me loves me.
You say that because you haven't met anyone. People like us, we don't fit in well.
You're a guy. It's different.
No, it's not.

Moshe came back.
Where was he?
He was in South Africa for two months.
That's a long vacation.
Yeah, it really was. Yesterday morning he just suddenly knocked on the door. I hadn't even gotten dressed yet.
Yes, I can just picture you answering the door naked.
Ecch! What is wrong with you.
I'm too brilliant for you.
No comment. I was wearing the gray shorts which I wear to bed. You have a really dirty mind, you know that?
I try.

What was I saying before that rude interruption? Oh right, Moshe came over. So he told me that they'd moved into a much smaller apartment, and he really hated being there, and that he felt like his sister Aviella who doesn't even live with them was controlling his living space. He said he saw my house as a "refuge" from all that. That made me really happy.
That he hated being in his house? What a nice friend.
You know exactly what I mean.
Fine, fine.
So I played my new music for him, and we had lunch, and then I showed him my progress on the game and he was telling me
Oh, what did he think of it?
He hated it, actually.
I don't like Moshe.
No, I don't think anyone's given The March of Bulk the reaction I was looking for. I'm hoping that when the game is finished it'll be different, but I'm getting strong suspicions that it's just a bad idea.
Maybe. But like you said, it's not finished. You are going to finish it, right?
Yes, of course I'm going to finish it.
Because I really want to see if it makes sense in the end. It looks kind of interesting.
Yeah. What Moshe said was that it looked creepy and that he was in shock at what I was doing with that elephant. Not exactly what I was looking for, but good to know.
It could be he's right, and it'll be a total waste of time. Won't that be a bummer, spending a whole year working on a pile of steaming poo?
Steaming? Really?
A steaming pile of poo.
Moshe said that the stuff I'm slaving over in 2D would be really easy to do in 3D. Which doesn't help me here, but it's good to know that there's a better way to work for Through the Wind. Just something to keep in mind. He's apparently really good at working with 3D models.
I didn't know that.
Yeah, he once showed me some stuff he did. It was impressive. Lots of little details.
Did he have anything else to say about the game?
Um, let's see. He did look over a whole bunch of the code. Okay, well, some of the code. He understood the language really quickly, it's much simpler than what he plays around with. I think there was something else he said about the game, but I can't remember what it was.
So then I got him to play Zelda.
Of course.
The Wind Waker, actually. You have to understand why this is such a pleasure for me. See, last week I finally got Dena to play Super Mario Galaxy. I didn't think I ever would. She actually wanted to play Mario Party, but when we started playing Mario Party I was beating her in every single minigame.
And you wonder why she doesn't want to play with you.
Seriously. We played like ten games, and she didn't win a single one, and it was just getting really awkward, so I thought that was a good excuse to switch to something more cooperative and I couldn't believe it when she didn't put up much resistance to my insistence that she play a "real" Mario game.
Yeah, Mario Party doesn't exactly count. I know what you mean.
And she was having fun, but then there was one part that was a teensy bit more frustrating, and that's when she shut it off and I don't think she's ever going to play it again.
Maybe she will.
She won't. But that's why it was such a thrill to have someone who was really willing to play. I mean, he pretends he doesn't like to play games, but he actually does. We were playing that for around three or four hours, until his mother called him and demanded that he come home. He said he'd come back soon.
Here's the problem I have with all this. When you have him you don't need to talk to me.
And yet I'm talking to you right now.
Only because he's not around today.
Look, imaginary friends are never going to be a top priority.
Well, at least you're honest.
Sometimes I really hate you.
Sometimes I really like you.
No you don't. I'm imaginary. This whole time I would have loved to jump in and start talking, but I have no opinions on anything.
Sorry. You are imaginary.
Don't let it be so long before bringing me back, okay?

Seriously! What, you think I like knowing that I'm only going to be written a limited number of times before you get bored of me?
I won't get bored of you. I really haven't met any girls in the real world like you.
And don't start!
Bye. I'll talk to you soon.



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