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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

~Some perspective (to make myself feel better)

Some perspective (to make myself feel better)

In the first year or two I was composing music, I only wrote one piece (of around five minutes) with an ending. The quality of it aside (It was bad.), that means I wasn't ever working on it very hard. I had lots of other little ideas, but none of them were longer than around ten seconds. Actual compositions with a beginning and an end, those I didn't write quickly.

Nowadays, I think it's fair to say that I compose around four pieces of comparable length (somewhere between two and ten minutes) each year. That's not amazing, but it's respectable. Working on music has just become a habit, it's not something that I need to put much effort into to get that output.

So when I'm yelling at myself for not working, maybe I should take a step back and realize that this is still just one year into making games. I'll get quicker.

..I wish Moshe were here. I wonder when he gets back from South Africa.



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