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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~VI: It's Only Pretend

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

VI: It's Only Pretend

I rewatched all five seasons of Lost, to see if I could piece together the puzzle. Well, I did. I don't know where all the pieces go, but I see the picture on the box and it's not what I expected. What I did to figure it out was I watched the show with the assumption that every random thing that people were doing actually made sense. And then I fit the pieces together in ways that made sense. I'm good at that. I'll be very surprised if my theory isn't correct, but I've been very surprised on many occasions before. (Note: I've written down my entire spoiler-filled theory on this page; comment there, and not here, if you want to talk about Lost.)

Avri's been in Canada for the past three weeks, and I've been running the Games Night in his absence. He let me have the key to his house, so on Tuesday at 7:45 PM I've been making popcorn, grabbing a drink and some cups, and trying my best to not let the fact that Avri isn't there ruin our fun. We've had a smaller turn-out than usual, unsurprisingly, but two of the three Games Nights I've run were really fun. Okay, well, one was really fun, one was decent and one was a bust. But still, not bad. I can't explain games like Avri can, but most of the people coming know the games so they can explain it. So really what I'm doing is just welcoming people in, keeping the score, and then writing it all up. I think I've been doing a decent job. (If anyone who comes to Games Night knows otherwise, please comment. Even if it doesn't make a difference, I'd like to know.) Here are the three session reports:

When the Vintage Game Club announced that the next game they'd do a playthrough of was a Zelda, I was really excited. I'd never finished studying Ocarina of Time, and the bits I had studied I'd never really had the chance to tell other people about. And there's so much greatness there to tell other people about. It's like a hundred opportunities, just waiting for their time. Well, the game they picked was Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time's sequel. I didn't know what I'd find, since most of the game hadn't left much of an impression the first time I played it (with an emulator), but I did remember enough to know it wasn't in the same league as OoT or Twilight Princess. So this playthrough has been somewhat surprising, in that I'm finding that I really love some parts, and the rest is at least an interesting failure which inspires better ideas. I think it's been worth the ten bucks I paid for it. And going through a Zelda game has made me think about all my Zelda ideas again. I've been playing my variations on the music a lot on the piano, and I've changed my mind about what the third act of Broken Duet should be. This new ending would be so cool.

I've also been thinking about Present Self-Defense, and Through the Wind, and Dreams of a Fractured World. I think I've got some great ideas. But I sort of understand (maybe) that great ideas aren't going to be enough. I don't know what will be enough. I've been agonizing over The March of Bulk, not in the sense of working non-stop but in the sense that working on it is agony and I'm doing it anyway. Kyler made some excellent suggestions, which means I'm not stuck anymore like I was for the past few weeks, but each time I try to implement his suggestions it goes horribly wrong. So I've been trying one thing after another, then undoing all my changes when each one doesn't work and looks like it can't possibly work. And then I try something else. One of these days I'll find an approach that works. I hope.



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