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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A buffer from the Real World

Kyler gave me a wonderful character design for The March of Bulk, so elegant that I was scared anything I could do in the programming would mess it up. I played around with it in The GIMP, and after a few hours I thought I saw a way I could deal with it. I made some extremely crude mock-ups and sent them to Kyler. He got back to me with images which were not what I had asked for, which I found frustrating. I asked for what I had said before, and he made that and sent it to me. I played around with the images in The GIMP, and understood why Kyler had made the change. The design I had asked for severely limited the movement, thus making the entire design impossible. Kyler's idea would actually work, though it would look very awkward. After a few hours, I thought I saw a way I could use what I had asked for to get better-looking movements without losing flexibility. So I started programming tests, and realized it would take some tricky geometry.

The producer of 1776 promised to pay us for our performances. There were contracts and everything. I've put off receiving the payments for more than a month, because there was some sort of technical issue that I didn't understand with the taxes. I needed to do something, but I didn't understand what. Eventually my mother called our family's accountant, who sent us the form I'd need. I looked at the form and was overwhelmed by all the checkboxes and options. I didn't understand the Hebrew of half of it. My mother called our accountant and he walked me through filling it out.

Tonight I need to go to a rehearsal of Oklahoma, a musical which I've discovered that I dislike. It's in a place I haven't gotten to by bus before, off in the middle of nowhere in Jerusalem. No one can give me a ride there tonight. My mother called a friend of hers who's in the play. She gave some slightly vague instructions. I suppose when I get lost I can call Binder and have him direct me.

Tomorrow I have another rehearsal. (The play opens in two weeks.) The day after that is Tuesday, which is the day I promised Kyler I'd have his design in the prototype by. That means that I'll need to spend just about every spare minute working on the game, which is not something I intend to do. Tuesday is also Games Night.

I just got Rhythm Heaven, a marvelous little DS game which I love to pieces. It's more consistently excellent than its predecessor, the only-in-Japan Rhythm Tengoku. It's lots of little rhythm-based minigames, which you play by tapping and flicking with the stylus. It requires extremely precise timing, and I always feel like if I just play through a minigame a few more times I'll get it perfect.



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