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Sunday, March 15, 2009

This is just stupid. I wanted to build up this whole crescendo where on the one hand I'd have blank spaces that got more and more imaginative while their content got more and more detached from reality, and on the other hand I'd have "ordinary" posts which got grayer and grayer and chronicled my adjustment into productivity. But here's the thing: I'm not getting more imaginative, and I'm not getting more productive, and this thing which was supposed to be this beautiful bit of art turned out to be.. uh… a waste of time, is what it is.

So let's forget all this nonsense of where I think my blog is going. Down to business.

Tomorrow, 15 March, is wide open for work. I've got no 1776 performances, I've got no Oklahoma rehearsals, I've got no obligations of any kind. So let's set a goal, shall we?

This blog hereby formally declares the following goal:

Thank you, blog. [ahem] By the end of the day, which by my schedule is 2:30 AM on 16 March, I will have a working prototype of the most basic movement of The March of Bulk.

Interesting, how he seems to be going against the artificialities which made his blog unique in the first place. I would normally expect some sort of essay here to analyze the situation, though in this particular case I guess that would be inappropriate.
Who cares about that?
Speech, speech!
Oh! How simple-minded of me. I should have realized- our conversation is here to serve that purpose!
Well, if the point was to stop focusing on style so much and focus more on the work, which, by the way, is a good idea. The interesting part of the blog is when he moves toward where he ended up. The rest is fluff.
I like the interactive bits.
That's fluff too.
It is not!
Why are we arguing about this?
Because you're wrong.

You know, I think I understand it.
Understand what?
It's not that this bit serves any purpose at all, it's just that he can't help himself.
You've lost me.
I just mean, even in places where it's absolutely ridiculous to stick in fluff, he can't help himself. He just has to babble on. I mean, in this place here it would make so much more sense if he were just silent, you see what I'm saying? If he just shut up for a minute after declaring the goal. It would fit better.


No, I don't see that.
You wouldn't, would you.



And when it is done you can send me the prototype.


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