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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We've had three performances of 1776 so far. The first two were in Beit Shemesh, the third was in Jerusalem yesterday. It's hard to believe there will be eleven more.

We're doing well. We started out with an audience of around twenty people, but as more people see the show the word of mouth is growing. By the time we end we'll have packed theaters. I was a bit concerned over how the show would be received by audiences, considering how little time we've had to prepare. But they've always seemed to love our work.

For myself, I don't feel I've been doing the best job I could be doing. For one thing, I'm supposed to be speaking louder, since I don't have a microphone and the people I'm talking to do. But also, I think I haven't been giving a clear enough performance. I'm not enunciating like I should, and the drama is a little bit lost the way I did it last time. I think my performance in the second one was better, though everyone else made more mistakes there so it was a weaker show overall. The audience loved that one too, though. They never know how it's supposed to be.

But I do. I'll do better next time.



Happy Birthday!

Btw, have you tried out World of Goo?

I have World of Goo. If you come over when there aren't other people here, I'll show you. It's a fantastic game.

Speaking of which, there's no one here now. Now would be good.


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