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Monday, February 09, 2009


The national elections are tomorrow, and I'm still not entirely sure who I'm voting for.

It goes without saying that they're all scum, that no politician is to be trusted.

So the question is, which scum do I prefer?

I strongly dislike the Likud party. That it's looking like it'll be the biggest party is reason enough (I'd be very uncomfortable voting for who everyone else is voting for.), but there's more than that. It seems like their members can't agree on anything; it's a bunch of people who came together because they wanted to be in the biggest party, not because they share any ideological principles.

The second biggest party is Kadima, and Kadima winning is a worst-case scenario. Our last two prime ministers were in Kadima, and they were both disastrous. Kadima is farther to the left than Likud, and even less idealistic than Likud. That so many people are going to vote for them is a sad comment on the state of our political landscape.

The third biggest party is Yisra'el Beiteinu, which is more right-wing than Likud if maybe not quite as right-wing as I'd like. I don't know that much about them, but I agree with their positions- especially that giving the Palestinians land isn't going to get them to stop killing us. So I'm leaning heavily toward voting Yisra'el Beiteinu.

(I'd vote for a smaller party, such as National Union, but I don't agree with any of the smaller parties' platforms as much as Yisra'el Beiteinu's.)

What got me questioning my decision was what Marc said. Marc is our Franklin in 1776, and he was really angry when I said I'd vote for Yisra'el Beiteinu. He said to me that if I didn't vote for Likud, I'd be making it more likely that Kadima would win and their pathetic leader, Limor Livnat, would be our next prime minister. After making a few weak rationalizations (I really don't understand politics any better than that.), I insisted that Likud would win no matter what I voted for. He said the polls made it look very close.

I saw the poll in the newspaper this morning. And he was right- it is close. Much too close. Could Kadima really win this election? My mother says that I shouldn't pay attention to the polls, because they're never accurate. But what if it is? What if voting for the party I prefer ends up getting us the party I despise the most?

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It seems that the only reason to vote for Likud is that Likud's not Kadima. And while I see the importance of not allowing Kadima to get far, that's not much of a platform to stand on. What's to guarantee that Likud won't choose to go farther left, if the "political realities" force them?
Hm. I think I was right. I think I'll vote for Yisra'el Beiteinu.



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