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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Start working.

I said start working!

Listen to me, you brainless moron!

Look, not today.

That's what you said yesterday.

Okay. Look, to make it up to you I'll set Access Boss so that from now on, I'm not allowed in my regular user after 2:00 PM.

Oh, and I suppose you won't just disable that as soon as you have a sudden impulse at 1:55!

No. I promise I won't.

You are downright obnoxious, do you know that?

What? What did I ever do to you?

What did I ever.. oh my god, do you even HEAR yourself? Why did you even start this ridiculous Notepad thing?

You don't like Notepad, fine. I'll switch back to the blog.
That is totally not the point! Why the hell did you pretend you were interested in my being there?

Don't make this personal. I really did mean to listen to you every day.

How dare you insult my intelligence like that! You're exactly like he said you were!


You just make characters out of us so that you can pretend we don't matter!

I really did mean to
You meant to? Well, that makes me feel so much better!
Why do you even care? I just thought it might be easier to listen to you than to the blog or a program, it never was about you.
No, you're right. It never is about me. It's all about you. All about your stupid little blog-story. Tell me, what brilliance were you setting up this time?

I was going to build up to… um, it doesn't matter. Fine, you're right.

Good. Start working.

I mean, I won't ask you to do that again. It's not your problem if I don't do my work.

Don't you understand? I want you to do your work. What's the point of even existing, if I'm only existing for the benefit of some loser who refuses to do an hour a day of work?!

I don't know.
Look, I'll set Access Boss.




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