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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Matters of Taste

Every so often, there's a chamber music concert for the Etta Kossowsky Fund, which is a fundraiser for something or other. Yesterday (after Shabbat) was the last one of the season. It was flute and piano, and they were playing (mostly) pieces by Fauré. I went because I love Fauré's music. Miriam came along. Already as we and our father were in the car, she started having second thoughts. She said to let her out, so that she could go home. She's very impulsive that way.

The music was amazing. It really inspired me. My father seemed to really enjoy it a lot, and it also gave him an opportunity to reminisce about his playing the clarinet in high school. (This was the first I'd heard of it.) Miriam was bored. When we finished, I was enthusiastically talking about the various pieces, while all Miriam had to say was "It was okay, but really long".

My mother organized a concert paying tribute to Simon & Garfunkle, as a fundraiser for JobKatif, which helps victims of the evacuation. I came back from that now. Miriam went because she loves Simon & Garfunkle's music. I came along. (I wouldn't have normally, but as it so happened on this very day I had taken my computer in for repairs, so I had less to do at home than usual.) We had to come really early since my mother was setting up, so I brought my Game Boy.

Everyone around me was smiling and seemed to be really into it. I'm sure Miriam really enjoyed it, because it's simple, repetitive music which is fairly nice. My father seemed to really love it, and he sang along whenever he remembered the lyrics. I was bored. When we finished, Miriam was humming all the tunes.

So how was it? Okay, I guess. But boy, it was really long.



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