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Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy 39th post!

39th? Now that's weird. What's so special about 39?
Where do you see- oh, "Happy-". Right.
I mean, maybe a fortieth post, but why-
Why a fortieth post?
Well, it's a multiple of ten...
Thirty-nine's a multiple of thirteen.
Say, you want some coffee?
Well, I think it's ridiculous. Why are you wasting your time here, anyway? Go do something useful. I'm leaving.
Error: no postday party detected. Please correct.
Postday party? This is seriously fucked up. All for a 39th-
dfs%osa!-244.5no37sjkj~presents ERROR ERROR @imx.39th...

Thank you.

Precisely 39 posts ago,
this blog didn't exist. Now it does, and I'm sure we're all very thankful.
Hear! Hear!
Shut up, will you?
Personally, I can't see how Mory can continue like this, without acknowledging the radical changes to his lifestyle which he went on about four posts ago.
Well, he mentioned that Smilie thing.
We've come a long way. But we can go farther! And so, for this special postday, I declare
Okay, now I'm really leaving.
that I will change my life, as promised,
Ooh, this ought to be good.
starting maybe in a few days.
Boo! Hypocrite!
Umm, that's all. Bye now!
What a lousy speech.



I think you should make it more clear why this is such a happy occasion. I didn't realize it until I took a second look at the date...

You're missing the point. 39 posts is the occasion. After all, how often does one reach a 39th post? Only once in a lifetime! The date is irrelevant.


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