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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Illusory exodus

The depression always kicks in at the end of the vacation, faced with the prospects of returning to school. Not that there's anything unnatural about depression- it's a completely natural rejection of a completely unnatural world. And it can be quite interesting on occasions. But it would sure be nice if I could stop having to reach that point. Where vacation has just passed by in a moment, and the Real World comes back to get me. And it only was a moment. A fleeting moment. A moment about to end. A momentous moment poised for-
-and what now? Now I will return for more school. Joy.

It was fun while it lasted. Although it went so fast, I can barely remember what I did. Let's see, I played a few games, which were pretty fun, although nothing worthy of mention right now. And I watched movies, too. And TV shows. And that pretty much is it for the whole week. There's not enough time, really there isn't. I did go out with the family three times.

The first was a trip to the Israel Museum, which was really fun. There was a really nice exhibit of photos of natural landscapes. I'd say about a sixth of it was amazing, the rest sort of blah. But most of it was in black and white, and that just doesn't convey all you can with color. But then, a color picture can't fully convey the experience of being there, so there's still plenty of room for improvement. :) The nicest in that exhibit was a really really wide photo of the sky (in color), which was simply breathtaking. Miriam was just trying to speed through the whole museum, and she wanted to see the regular exhibitions which I've already seen several times, so I went with Dena to the temporary exhibitions, of which that was my favorite. Oh, right, I forgot to mention that they came too. So they came, and my mother too. There was also an exhibit about the way light has been portrayed in art, which was nice but seemed oddly incomplete. And another exhibit about the beauty in modernist art, which was also entertaining. All in all, a good trip.

My father was looking through the paper for things to do. We were all sitting around the dining room table, waiting for him to find something worthwhile. At least, I was- I can't speak for the rest of my family. He wanted to do something which everyone could enjoy, which would involve social interaction. I doubted the feasability of this concept, knowing my family. We're just too different. No common interests. I wanted to stay home, Miriam wanted to kvetch, Dena wanted to be with friends, my mother wanted to go to Gush Katif to show solidarity, and my father just wanted to be involved in whatever we did. He would get new hope from every advertisement he read, not willing to fully recognize that we weren't interested until he had read the entire ad out loud and discussed it. I can relate.
It was my idea to go climb a tree. You know, good old-fashioned tree climbing. Hey, stop giving me that look- it's fun! Haven't you ever climbed a tree? And so we did. Just my father, Miriam and I. We went looking for a forest. Unfortunately, what we found was more of a desert, with frail, sickly looking trees all over the place. Miriam and I wandered around, through lots of trees and the like, because we were bored by the path. Straight paths are naturally boring. We didn't find any good trees, but we had fun exploring. Then we went back to my father, who had found a tree. Not a tree like I was thinking of, but it was a good tree for climbing nonetheless. It was split into two long branches, going in two directions. I climbed up far to the one going on a 45-ish-degree angle, Miriam climbed the same one a little lower, and my father climbed the other branch which went almost straight up. Then we sat in the tree, playing "Ghost". It was fun.

The third trip was not so good. We were going to a party being held by my parents' friends, out in god knows where. I waited for us to do something, and eventually we did- we played Pictionary, just our family and one other kid. Everyone else was inside schmoozing and generally being boring. We didn't actually play Pictionary to the end. My parents left to go to Gush Katif, abandoning me out in the middle of nowhere with their friends. They had asked a family I don't know to take me back to Beit Shemesh with them. So I waited. And I waited. And I waited. And I waited. The wife asked her husband at one point whether they should leave. And I waited. And I waited. And I considered that they had no responsibility to get me home, had not promised me anything, owed my nothing, and I considered that my parents had left me with them. And I waited. Eventually, we did leave.

I didn't forgive them for that, so I didn't go with them on their fourth trip, for which I am thankful, as I was able to stay home and play games.

Which brings me to now. Here I am, after the vacation for Pessach, the festival of freedom. That vacation has just ended, and already I am being brought back into slavery. So, next year, as they say. Next year in the complete Jerusalem.

Until then, I'll just be moping in this corner here. Don't mind me.



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