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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

And I suppose the next break will be a month, will it?!

Imaginary Friends, you are the most loyal readership I could possibly have hoped for. A week has gone by without me posting, and not one of you has left! It's so nice to know that I'm giving you some food for thought, or at least something to laugh at. A few quick words about the format of the blog, before getting on with the somewhat more substantial posts: I've realized that I don't actually need any feedback from live people, although it certainly would be appreciated. (I'm sure that every single one of you, now that you know, will take the time and effort to contribute a little bit of your Imaginary selves to this blog by commenting.) When I have a question I can't answer, I'll post it here with "Part 1" in the title, as I have done retroactively with "The elusive key to longevity". And how will this help me answer the question? First of all, I will read your comments which will attempt to answer the question. Incidentally, in the time since I recommended commenting a few sentences ago, you have all written in comments. I am stunned by the swiftness with which you took my words to heart, as well as the sheer quantity of comments- by my estimate, each one of you has posted 15 times already! By looking through these comments I will be able to gain some insight into the problem. If these personal comments don't give me the answers I'm looking for, I'll leave it for later, as I do so many other projects. This is not to say I will definitely get back to it, of course. Indeed, I never finish any project I start. (This blog isn't the way I intended it to be, for example, but I might get to changing it eventually.) But it is always possible that some future version of Mory will look back at this relic from his buried past and post a simple answer in order to demonstrate his superiority over that idiot. If and when he does so, he will title it "Part 2". If no such Mory comes along, then the riddle will simply fall a Part, and there remain.



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