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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ah, the life of a cat.

I love cats. I think God put them on this planet for two reasons:
  1. To enjoy their lives
  2. To look impossibly cute doing so

Now, normally I don't care about appearances, but when something is so obviously designed with the "cute factor" in mind, I think I can make an exception. So I'll say that I have a gorgeous cat. And boy, does he love his life. His name is Pussywillow, but we call him Willy for short. I'm anthropomorphizing him here (a perfectly natural, irrational thing for humans to do), but I think in some ways he's similar to me. He doesn't ask for much, just a little food and water and shelter. And he's satisfied with it. He doesn't like sticking around when there are guests over, but he's very friendly with me. Whenever I sit by the TV (usually to play a Gamecube game), Willy comes running so that he can sit in my lap. Of course he's mainly coming because he knows I'll pet him, but I love that kind of relationship more than the unconditional phoniness I get from certain members of my extended family. I probably wouldn't go to someone myself unless I thought I could get some pleasure out of being with them.

What does Willy choose to do with his life? Well, mainly sleep, to tell the truth. He has around fifty different "sleep spots" around the house. His favorites are the dollhouse above the TV (yes, inside the dollhouse), the side of the couch in the living room, the rocking chair by the computer, and on top of the clean laundry. When he feels like it, he goes outside to get some more activity. But when he doesn't, he doesn't. Sometimes, he just looks out windows to take in the "scenery". You may think it's ridiculous to assume that a cat would be able to appreciate a static view like a human can, but why would he do it if he weren't enjoying himself? I think cats can naturally enjoy their surroundings, as all the house cats we had acted the same way. There is much elegance in the life of a creature who never bothers himself with the artificial nuisances the Real World throws at him, who can enjoy life because there's no system telling him not to. Now if he could just use a Gamecube controller, his life would be perfect.



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