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Monday, January 24, 2005

Oh, no. Conflicted about the blog? Already?!

Imaginary Friends, I'm only a few days and two posts in, and I'm already wondering how the blog should work. You see, IFs are typically pretty quiet, being imaginary and all. But sometimes, as in the most recent issues I have been thinking about, I don't have answers, only questions. For these cases, I need feedback so that I can get a clearer view and update my opinion accordingly. And I'm sorry, IFs, but I don't trust you to give that kind of feedback. So I have decided to bring my issues to the forums whenever I am particularly confused. I'm not sure how to involve this personal blog in such matters, so for the time being I will post my thoughts at the beginning (taken directly from the forums, when possible, to save time and effort, as I'm quite lazy) and end (the point when I have acquired a greater clarity) of these debates. Feel free to post any comments if you have them.



I'm tired. Why am I still online?!
Go away blog, go away. I need sleep.


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