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Monday, February 21, 2005

the mundane and The Imaginary!

I woke up around 6:30 this morning. I had gone to bed too late, considering I never sleep well before school days, so I was very tired. I stayed in bed. Ten minutes later, Pussywillow ran into my room and jumped to the window, which was closed. I got out of bed to open it for him. He sat, looking out, and I watched him. Around seven, I left my room and saw the signs which my mother had put up. I got dressed, and went to my computer to kill some time. I went into Firefox which brought up my twenty home tabs, mostly gaming sites. I was careful to stop browsing only when fifteen minutes had past from the time I would have needed to get off in order to get to school on time. I grabbed my jacket and left the house.

The bus ride was long. The bus was completely full, and I sat in the very back in the middle seat. That is the seat behind the aisle, with chairs on both sides, so that from there you are looking at the entire bus from the back. There was no one I recognized on the bus.

I got to class a half hour late. Yehuda is the head of my class, and is the nicest guy I've ever met who has anything to do with schools. It was his class I was coming to, and he allows students to come in even if the class is about to end. Despite Yehuda's best efforts (and he is a very good teacher), the material today was very boring. I sat in my place, trying to find a comfortable position for my head and failing. Class ended. Yehuda asked, "Wait, doesn't someone here have a birthday?" The consensus was no. "Yes," I said tiredly. I left the room. The schedule said there would be a Music History class at 11:15 (after a one hour break), so I went to the computer room and browsed the web.

Aah! I was scared out of my wits right there. What a surprise! I don't believe it- all my Imaginary Friends have come! You really didn't need to go to all this effort. It's so nice to know I still have all you guys. And who's this- Tuvia, is it imaginarily you? You've come all the way from Ketchikan? I haven't seen you since seventh grade! I've missed you so much. I've missed the way we used to talk together, not out of some kind of social obligation but because we were friends. I've missed the way we'd play games together and tell jokes and have fun. I'm so glad you're here, in this Imaginary room, with all my other Imaginary Friends, with this great Imaginary party! But first- Tuvia, how have you been doing?

I had an enjoyable but brief conversation with two younger kids in the room about computer games.

At 11:10, I left the computer and checked the schedule again, which now had the Music History class covered over in marker with the word "free", meaning it had been cancelled. I left the campus.

The bus ride was long. The bus was almost empty. There was no one I recognized on the bus.

Walking into the house, I immediately smelled the cake (from a mix) from the oven. It smelled good. I asked if that was a Duncan Hines cake I smelled (generally my mother makes homemade cakes, but I prefer Duncan Hines), and my mother said yes, but it turned out it was Betty Crocker. No matter, Betty Crocker is pretty good too. She even got Betty Crocker icing for it, since I like that better than her own icing. She told me she'd be making lasagna for supper. All this got me excited. I decided not to write what had been going through my head all day on this blog, because what did that matter when my home is so nice to be in. I sat down at my computer to browse the web and play games, and Willy jumped into my lap.
Willy is so cute. I spent the $50 dollars I got for my birthday to order the Myst games from Amazon, which I should get in a week or so. Benjy has sent me some money as a gift, which I'll be saving for later. Miriam came home. I went to the music rehearsal for our shul (synagogue)'s dedication. I came back.

The lasagna was a disappointment. I found out that my mother had been so intent on creating the appearance of giving me my favorite food, that she apparently hadn't cared about the quality of the food. She had used a really lousy tomato sauce, which did not make for a very good lasagna. I got the keyboard I'll be playing on, so that I could get the hang of using it. I practiced playing on it, and found that it wouldn't sound good without a pedal. (The family I got the keyboard from has no pedal.) My family members all praised me for using it. I played very badly to see what they would think, and they complimented me some more. Then my family sang "Happy Birthday", and we had the cake, which was very good.

That was a very good cake, but it's food, and food doesn't last. But your friendship, Imaginary Friends, means more to me than all the "Happy Birthday" signs in the world. When I played my latest piece for you before on that Imaginary piano in the corner, you listened to it. Some of you liked it, some of you didn't, but both opinions meant more to me than you can imagine, because you actually thought about it. And some of you showed me your latest works, and I took them seriously and gave my opinion. We shared words and thoughts. What more can one ask for, Imaginary Friends? Hello? My imaginary friends...

Miriam started a blog, because she saw that I had made one. Since then, the girls have gone to sleep, and I ought to get to sleep too. Maybe Pussywillow will let me pet him on my bed. My parents are nagging me to finish up with the computer, to get to bed. "You have school tomorrow," my mother has just said. I'm going to sleep now.



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