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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Computer, Part Three

"Oh, you're up. Yossi just called- he said your computer's ready."

"Did he manage to transfer everything?"

"I don't know- I didn't ask."


"Hello, this is Mordechai Buckman. You said my computer was fixed?"


"Were you able to transfer everything from the old hard drive?"



"I've got to tell you, it took me eight hours. I had to move it over sector by sector. But I saved everything."

"That's all I needed to know."


I picked it up this morning. And I took it in the car back to the house. And I carried it up the stairs to its spot. And I plugged everything in. And I turned it on. And I waited for it to boot up, while in my head I improvised for myself a song befitting a Broadway musical. ...and it crashed on the Windows XP screen.

It doesn't make sense- Yossi showed me it worked at his office. I turned it on, and everything was just the way I had left it. Everything worked fine. Apparently it's broken down in between the time I unplugged it there and the time I plugged it in here. Does this make any sense at all?

Maybe it's my fault- maybe I was so excited that I shook it around or something, and something came loose.

For such logically complex machines, computers don't make a whole lot of sense.

I'm writing this post on Benjy's laptop.

(Posted by Mory @ 12:51 PM)

We were in the car, driving back to Yossi.

"You know what would be really silly?", I asked my mother.


"If Yossi plugged it in over there and it worked."


Yossi opened it up to see what the problem was. He didn't see anything. He lightly tapped the hard drive, just to check if it was loose. He plugged in the computer. It worked.


So here I am, writing on Mozilla Firefox in my preferred resolution of 1280x1024. (I've felt pretty cramped being in 800x600 for the past few days.) Google Desktop is to my side, providing essential functionality but slowing down the computer tremendously. The left speaker isn't working. And as this little incident should illustrate, my computer is being as incomprehensible and uncooperative as ever. And you know what? It's good to be home.



well, that story has a happy ending! Everything is back to normal, which is as weird as you can get.


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