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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Aw, to heck with it.

When Moshe told me he was auditioning for the musical 1776, I congratulated him but didn't really think to try out for myself. When I was (too briefly) in the Beauty & the Beast cast, I made a total fool of myself. Not just the way I always hurt my teams in the warm-up games, but the whole audition and my pitiful attempts to dance…

It wasn't really an option to go through that again, y'know?

But then, yesterday, my mother e-mailed me the notice for auditions. And I thought about it. And I'm going to go there today.

I didn't know what song to bring to audition with. They said it should be musical-type music, and that it should highlight acting ability, and that there should be contrast in it. And I didn't really have a song like that. So last night and today, I made up a new one. Lyrics and everything. And now that I have that, I'm feeling much more confident about the whole thing.

Here are the lyrics:
It's been dark out for so long,
I've almost forgotten what the light looks like.
Can the world be as inviting as I picture it to be?
What if my heading is all wrong?
I turn for every flicker that I see!
Each time my heart beats quicker- is this it?
My destiny?

I think I hear music in the distance-
There must be someone there who sees the notes.
I think I feel wind across my shoulder-
Is it there?
Is it there?

I've been walking for so long.
My legs say to stop, and I still move onward.
With each step I wonder: is there any place for me?
I look around for any sign
But the sound is just an echo, and the feeling is a distant memory.



pity we cant here it to music...
Shhh don't encourage him!
who the hell are you?

I've thought about posting the music somehow, but if I posted it down here no one would ever notice it, and I've never seen any reason to put it at the top. There's also music for the "About Me" poem; same story.


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