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Wednesday, February 08, 2006





Hey -

I really enjoyed reading your blog. you have a very unique outlook on things.

and i LOVE the navigation system [the one with the colored circles]

Upon finding nothing new in the blog, I grew curious and checked the page source code, where I found a commented out partial post about Shavuot. So I gotta ask, what's that doing there?

Nice catch. That's "For Now", which is what I use to write things that I don't want to be permanent. When I'm not using it, I hide it rather than erasing it, because it makes it quicker to put up a new one. So whatever the last thing I wrote there is, that's still going to be in the source code.

Hi, i'm a spie artist for flash games... So if you need any sprites finished get in contact with me... (it's all free) Thanks :)


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