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Monday, July 28, 2008

No work done.



And here I was starting to think I'd never see what these autoposts look like.

Keep up the good work, even if it's kinda illogical to say that in response to a post like this one.

I wanted to comment on "The Garden Needs Pruning", but I didn't the comment button.

Your future of Adventure games sounds like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" Book done on a DVD. I think this sort of "Game" has already been done too.

I'd love to see a game with live actors to interact with, and not idiot NPCs or idiot MMORPG players. I don't think it's at all feasible/sustainable for a game though.
I guess it might be similar to running a role playing campaign just online. Maybe with volunteer roles, or a just a gaming gourp coming together and receiving roles and information to play with. It would depend heavily on the game group, but most things do.
Kind of like the whole Murder Mystery evenings, but online.

Or maybe like limited "God" games like Democracy (
where all you do is decide on policy and laws, and watch how your decisions play out on your populace

The comments are after the second post, just as they always are with "The Garden & Droplets" posts. I guess "The Dynamic Interface" not being explicitly named "Droplets: Adventures" threw you off. But it's not a standard G&D.

"Choose Your Own Adventure" are absolutely a kind of adventure game. Just not very good ones, because the interactivity is so spread out and uninteresting. The interactivity is a gimmick rather than a proper artistic medium, so it's very similar in its approach to text adventures and can have the same criticisms applied to it.

I'm not familiar with Democracy, but it sounds like a strategy game. I don't see how that's similar to an adventure game.

I don't imagine the ideal future of adventures would appeal to you too much. You play games as a way to apply yourself, and that's not what adventures should be about. When an adventure gives a lot of freedom to do whatever the player want, it feels vaguely-defined and pointless.

It occurs to me that what I said might be seen as offensive. It was not intended to be.

I don't like reading novels. I don't find them satisfying, with all their little descriptive details and their consistent presentation and their rigid linearity. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with novels, or anything wrong with me. It only means I don't like reading novels. It would be lovely if everyone could enjoy everything, but that's not the way personal taste works.

Democracy is a kind of strategy game, but it seems similar to how you are describing the interaction level in Adventure Games of the future. The difference being that you are following the wellfare of a nation instead of an individual or a group of individuals. But you are right in that it is not story driven, it's decision driven.

I guess one way of looking where you want Adventure games to end up is which of the following you want it to be:

1) _I_ want to go on an adventure
2) I want to help Fred The Adventurer on _his_ adventure
3) I want to join with Fred and grow and adventure _together_

Eh... this isn't really thought out well. It's 3:30am and I wasn't able to sleep...


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